The Viking Boat Race events and activities are charitable community oriented fund raising events. The events will be called “The Viking Boat Races to Cure Diabetes”. The races activities are to generate charitable support for children diagnosed with Type 1 (juvenile) Diabetes. The races are family activities designed to create public awareness about diabetes while generating charitable support for children diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Specifically, the mission is to provide support for research to cure Type 1 Diabetes and to provide assistance to families who have children diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. When a child is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, not only does that child and family have to learn to cope with the medical issues but they also need to deal with not being destroyed by the ongoing financial implications. Therefore, the funds generated from the Coeur d’Alene Viking Boat Races, donations and community fund raising activities will be directly allocated to address these issues:

Proposed distribution of race proceeds:

1st, 30% will be provided as direct support to fund “Diabetes Research”, to cure Type 1 Diabetes. This is literally a race to find a cure for diabetes. The intent is to stop or dramatically reduce the number of incidences of affliction and to develop a cure for those already afflicted.

2nd, 10% is to provide assistance to families who have children diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. To fund or directly offset medical expenses for families with children newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. These funds will be used to pay for; in hospital costs of diagnosis, testing and physician related expenses, not otherwise covered by insurance and or Medicare, Medicaid, such as co-pays and or amounts not otherwise written off by the Hospital or Doctors.

3rd, 20% is to provide direct family support, for expenses related to testing supplies and insulin for our qualified recipients.

4th, 20% for education support trusts, direct grants or scholarships for “Academic Accomplishment”. To scholastically qualified students diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, allowing students to pursue an education in Health Sciences.

5th, 15% to provide for the costs of additional fundraisers, (additional races, raffles, such as boats and other raffle items, auctions etc.) or otherwise be allocated to assist in the acquisitions or, or items that a donor requests, (such as boats, raffle items or other items to assist in continuing fund raising activities and races).

6Th, 5% Ongoing administrative costs of operation and overhead.

We are currently proceeding to do a “Group Funding” promotion to fund the building of viking boats for the coming season.  In conjunction with this funding promotion we will also be offering sponsorships to for the organization. Please join us in this opportunity to make an economic difference in the community while supporting a valuable cause. Specific sponsor donations will be allocated to the items or cause as outlined above, or per the sponsor’s specific request. For more information see the “About Us” at Coeur d’Alene Viking Boat Races, then join us in a “Forum”, or “Contact Us” directly.  Together we can make a difference.

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