Start a Team

Start a Team

Getting your team started is not as difficult as you may think.

First, join the “Forum” regarding starting a team, use the forum as a gathering point, ask your questions and share your thoughts.  You may also use the Facebook page for Coeur d’Alene Viking Boat Races.  The best way to start a team is to invite your friends that you hang out with.  As with anything, start with a small constituency and build.  Have them look at the “History” under the “Home” tab on this site.  Then click on the “Suursoudt” link at the bottom of the History page.   Check out the videos and Gallery on that site.  Anyone who likes being on the water will think that’s cool.

Check with the “Events Coordinator” in the “Contact Us” section of this site for others who may be looking to join a team.  It’s a great way to pick up new friends.  The Events Coordinator will be in contact with other teams and will know who else is long or short on members for their teams.  Your team may be all women, all men or mixed. Mixed teams need a minimum of 7 women.

Select your team Captain (Coxwain, Coxie) and Co-Captain.  A coach will train 2 or more Team Captains to be a Coxie (Captain and Co-Captain).  Only one Coxie is in charge of the boat at a time, but you never know when you may need a spare.  A small person (perhaps a Foxie Coxie) with large voice and commanding personality would make a good Coxie.  The larger strong people who don’t mind being yelled at make good rowers.  A Coxie isn’t just the person who steers the boat, they provide direction both vocally and with the rudder.  As the Team Captain they are responsible to and for the team as a whole.  They are responsible for conveying all pertinent information to the team both in the boat and out (practice times, race times, conduct of team, etc.).  The Team Captain also serves as liaison between the Events Coordinator and the team and attends the Captains’ Information Sessions prior to events.  The Team Co-Captain assists the Captain in fulfilling his/her role and stands in for the Captain whenever he/she is unavailable.  Each Boat may have several teams and team Captains.

But what about a boat?  Also look at the “Forums” for a thread to the topic.



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